Template Method

This is the simple template, there is also a more complicated template with styles

If you just want to get on with the method and not learn any HTML then use this.

(1) First, "view-source" for this page.

On a PC click the right mouse button anywhere on the page and a list of options comes up. Select "view-source" by clicking the left mouse button. A new window will open up showing the raw data that your browser program (Internet Explorer or Netscape) has retrieved and converted into the nice blue page. It is a simple text file.

(2) Save this file into your personal directory. Call it something like myfile.html

When you save it make sure that "all files" is selected rather than "text files" in the save-file dialogue box. Otherwise it will be called myfile.html.txt or myfile.html.doc (This will not be recognised by Explorer or Netscape as a proper internet file)

(3) Now open the file again using either Notepad or Simpletext

If you are on a PC then you will use Notepad (it is in the Start Menu under Programs>Accessories) and if you are on a Mac then use Simpletext (under the Apple menu)

(4) Now type over the existing text with your own method.

For example, you might type over the first words, "Template Method" with the words "Density determination by high-speed centrifugation." Do not worry about how the words look in the source file - they get formatted by the browser. You will notice that there are two kinds of text; (i) text surrounded by <H4> tags ( that is, an opening tag <H4> and a closing tag </H4>) and (ii) text surrounded by <blockquote> tags ( that is, an opening tag <blockquote> and a closing tag </blockquote>)

(5) That's it!

You can see how your method is coming along by opening your file. Just open your folder and double-click on the myfile icon. Because it is has the (invisible) .html suffix it will automatically be opened by your browser program.

(6) Type in the method so its looks OK and then send it to me.

Tell me your name and institution (and tell me if you want me to show your e-mail) and I'll convert the method to standard format with disclaimer etc.